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Questions & Answers

What type events the Floating Buffet® is suitable?


Floating Buffet® is suitable for standing cocktail type events where your guests are taking the pre-plated food items directly from the Floating Buffet®. Use it as an addition to any events as a sushi or a dessert buffet. Also can be used to serve beverages or even display jewelry. The possibilities are limitless.



In what colors the Floating Buffet® can be purchased or rented?


One of the essential advantages of Floating Buffet® is it’s flexibility. The color of the body is available in Black or White. The color of the lighting of the water can be freely chosen based on your request.



What are the possible sizes of the Floating Buffet®?


The Floating Buffet ® by construction is a modular and mobile system consisting of four (4) interlocking units.
Floating buffet can be set-up in three different dimension to accommodate your events needs:

  • 4m (13Ft) 50-150 person (two units)
  • 6m (19.5 Ft) 150-250 person (three units)
  • 8 m (26 Ft) 300-450 person (four units)


What is the purchase or rental cost of the Floating Buffet®?


On account of the adaptable application and possibilities of Floating Buffet® it is very difficult to call a generalized price. With pleasure we provide for you, with an individual personalized offer. Simply send us an e-mail with your request to office@floatingbuffet.com one of our professional sales representative will contact you within 24 hours.



Any training is included upon purchasing the floating Buffet®?


  • Yes, of course! We will send you one of our trained technicians to assemble and inspect your new Floating Buffer at your location. We also provide your staff with the required training.

    Floating Buffet Presentation Download PDF presentation