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Concept of a Floating Buffet

  • Floating Buffet® is representing “A Revolutionary Movement in Catering Industry”.
  • The food items aren’t displayed on the conventional static way as on a traditional buffet. Instead it is presented using a continuously moving water way on a mobile Floating buffet®.
  • The water way is lighted from beneath. Color can be changed according to your party needs.
  • The specially designed food items are individually plated and presented to your guests on floating plates.
  • This new Catering Concept is representing a new area in the catering industry.
  • Inspire yourselves from the innovative advantages what the Floating Buffet® can offer.
  • Redefine the Meaning of VIP Cocktail Service
  • This innovative buffet is giving you a competitive edge to be different then your competitors on the market!
  • Contact us for more details and be a part of the latest trend setting revolution in the Catering Industry.



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